Share and share capital

The company’s share capital amounts to SEK 1,170,127 divided into a total of 12,678,592 shares, all with a quota value of SEK 0.092292. The ISIN code for the Company’s shares is SE0015556873. The company’s share capital is expressed in SEK and is distributed among the shares issued by the Company, with a quota value expressed in SEK.

All issued shares are fully paid. Each share carries one (1) vote at a general meeting and all shares have equal rights to the Company’s assets in the event of liquidation and dividends.

Ownership structure

(Based on register kept by Euroclear on 2021-12-31)


Name Num. of shares Capital & votes
Herkules 1,499,177 11.8%
Niklas Aronsson 1,014,081 8.0%
Clearstream Banking 819,805 6.5%
Goldman Sachs Internal LTD  679,030 5.4%
Carolina Gebäck 676,055 5.3%
CACEIS BANK 665,648 5.3%
Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia Ömsesidigt SEBP6 542,591 4.3%
Acton GMBH 505,050  4.0%
Nordea småbolagsfond Sverige 447,287 3.5%
Total 10 largest shareholders 7,469,724 58.9%
Other shareholders 5,208,868 41.1%
Total 12,678,592 100.0%