The annual general meeting held on 14 March 2021 resolved to establish a nomination committee and to adopt instructions to the nomination committee. According to the instructions to the nomination committee the nomination committee shall consist of three members, each of whom is appointed by each of the three largest shareholders or shareholder groups on the last banking day in August the year before the annual general meeting, that wish to appoint a representative. In addition to these three members, the chairman of the board of directors shall be a member of the nomination committee. The nomination committee shall appoint the chairman of the nomination committee from among its members.

The instructions to the nomination committee comply with the Code with respect to the appointment of committee members. The members of the nomination committee shall be announced not later than six months prior to the next annual general meeting. The nomination committee shall convene as often as is necessary in order to fulfil its duties and responsibilities. Scheduling of meetings shall be made with regard to the timing of the annual general meeting. The members of the nomination committee shall, in connection with their assignments, conduct their duties in accordance with the Code. The nomination committee’s main duties are to propose candidates for the positions as chairman and other members of the board of directors, as well as propose fees and other remuneration to each members of the board of directors. The nomination committee is also to make proposals on the election and remuneration of the statutory auditor.