About LMK Group

LMK Group was founded in 2008 with the vision of simplifying everyday life by offering a large variety of inspiring meals delivered directly to the customer’s front door. Today, the Group is a leading supplier of meal kits in the Nordic region and considers itself a leader in Scandinavian food tech. The Group operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark under the brands Linas Matkasse, Godtlevert, Adams Matkasse and RetNemt. In 2022, the Group recorded Net Sales of 1 081.4 MSEK and delivered approximately 17 million meals to its customers.

Business Concept

Home delivery of customised meal solutions with everything the customer needs to prepare tasty, inspirational and varied meals from high quality, locally grown food. Subscription service with considerable flexibility and with no commitment period or notice period.

"Innovating the mealtime experience"

Our Purpose



We are obsessed with giving our customers what they truly love. That’s why our products always are unique and specifically tailored to the personal preferences of our customers, in a way that make them feel like they are fully in control of their wants and needs.

Data Driven

We use data to build a better future. By constantly improving our operations and our end product, we give our customers an experience like no other.


We create a sustainable food system for the future. Even though less food waste already makes us more sustainable than traditional food distribution, we’ll never stop innovating for the good of the planet and the communities in which we operate.

Team Dynamics

We invest in people’s full potential. Through sustainable values, a strong common culture, and a way of leading that brings out the best in all our employees, we create a competitive powerhouse.

Solid Financials

We are committed to double-digit growth. To be profitable and self-financing, we invest in improving the customer experience and our commercial product changes through business cases with a focus on sold unit economics.

Continuous Operations

We are here to revolutionize the meal-kit category. Through operational excellence we are providing customers a reliable service, with products of the highest quality, while being positioned for scalable growth.